Jun. 8 2021

7 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Storage and Space

by Bennett Bottorff

When you are remodeling a smaller bathroom at your home in Seattle, there tend to be two main priorities: Maximizing space and increasing storage. Both of these can revolutionize the comfort and convenience of your space, but they require a bit of creativity and strategic thinking.

You can use a variety of modifications during the bathroom makeover process to cultivate a space that fits everything you need or use on a daily basis without becoming cluttered and dysfunctional.

How Do You Maximize Storage in a Small Bathroom? 


In developing a plan or scope of work for your Seattle bathroom remodel, there are several factors to consider, including your budget and your project priorities. You may have the space and funds available to physically expand your bathroom and add extra storage and features. In many cases, though, your goal may be to work with the space you already have to increase storage in a cost-effective way. The good news is that by enhancing your storage capacity, you will likely end up with an environment that is overall more spacious and streamlined.

If you’re remodeling a smaller bathroom and planning to maintain the existing footprint, here are a few ideas for maximizing storage and space:

1. Built-in Medicine Cabinets 

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Medicine cabinets provide valuable storage in a bathroom, but they also can be a bit obtrusive in a small space. One solution to this problem is to install built-in medicine cabinets that sit back in your walls. With enough depth and width, these cabinets can even provide storage for towels, washcloths and other bigger items. If you decide to include built-in medicine cabinets into your bathroom remodeling plan, take this opportunity to add lighted mirrors and power outlets for plugging in your hairdryer, electric toothbrush and other equipment. Then, you can even have those items charging inside the cabinet.

2. Install a Standalone Shower


Smaller bathrooms often include a convenient bathtub-shower combo. However, as family dynamics and needs evolve, it may no longer be the best option. A standalone shower could unlock new levels of elegance and functionality in your space Transforming your space to behold a standalone shower not only exudes an element of sophistication, but it also provides an opportunity for creative space and bathroom storage. Imagine a sleek, spacious shower cabinet or innovative storage solutions, crafted right where your bathtub once was. Start envisioning your bathroom space in a whole new light - the standalone shower awaits to redefine it.

3. Create Custom Vanities  


When remodeling your bathroom in Seattle on a budget, stock cabinetry may seem like the logical option. The problem with prefabricated or stock vanities, however, is that they come in limited shapes and sizes, which isn’t great when you’re dealing with a small or irregularly shaped bathroom. As an alternative, you can install a customized vanity or cabinetry that is built specifically for your space and for the particular items you want to store in your bathroom. Customized storage solutions can be built directly into your space, enabling you to create the flow and clearance for doors that you need. Additionally, if you put in bathroom cabinets with baskets or other interior accessories, you expand the versatility of your storage solutions, and this selection is not significantly more expensive than stock options.

4. Use Hooks 


Another way to add storage to a small bathroom is to use hooks. There are several simple over-the-door options, or you can install a few permanent hooks by your shower, sink or along any open wall space. While the obvious use for hooks is to hang towels or hand cloths to dry, they can actually serve a wider range of purposes. For example, put a few rolls of toilet paper into a decorative bag that can rest from a hook, or use it to hang a lightweight organizer for your accessories. This enables you to make more creative use of the wall space in your smaller Seattle bathroom.

5. Go Vertical 


In general, when space is tight, you should think vertical, or how you can go up with storage space, instead of out. Ideally, you want to leave plenty of floor space for moving around. A few ideas for adding storage to your existing space include setting up an over-bathroom-sink shelf for storing small toiletries, installing hotel shelves above the door or high up in your shower, or hanging a small ladder behind your toilet to hold a shower caddy or your towels.

6. Build Floating Shelves  


You can also add storage to your bathroom when remodeling by installing floating shelves above your toilet or using other open wall space. Generally, you don’t want them to stick out so far that they become a safety hazard, but even narrower shelves should create enough surface space for keeping your cosmetics, cleaning supplies or a few decorative items. In any case, using ledges and shelves creates storage without taking up space in the same way that traditional furniture does.

7. Use Unconventional Spaces 


When you’re remodeling a small bathroom to improve storage efficiency, you have to look for every opportunity to optimize. For example, you can add roll-out organizers to your deep cabinets; install toe-kick drawers at the bottom of your vanity; or extend your countertop ledge out over your toilet for more surface area. Many of these options can be accomplished by using customized infrastructure, from your vanity to your countertops. This enables you to be more innovative and make use of each slice of space available to you.

Optimizing Your Bathroom in Seattle 

Just because a bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean it has to necessarily feel cramped or inefficient. You may simply need to explore more original, out-of-the-box solutions to maximize the storage and the overall space. Whether you know exactly what you want for your Seattle bathroom makeover or you need a bit of creative inspiration, our team at Innovative Home Renovations can help you design and execute a renovation that meets your expectations and provides solutions that will last throughout your home’s lifetime.

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