Apr. 6 2021

7 Design Elements to Include in Your Master Bathroom

by Bennett Bottorff

Over the past few decades, master bathrooms have transitioned from being purely functional spaces to taking center stage as the No. 1 source of sophisticated relaxation in your home.

With the right set of fixtures and features, as well as a cohesive design style, your master bath in Seattle can become an oasis that not only serves a practical purpose but also offers the elegance and indulgence so integral to complete self-care.

What Do You Put in a Master Bathroom? 

Whether you are building a master bathroom addition or redesigning your Seattle home’s existing space, it’s essential to evaluate your desired lifestyle and daily habits to set your project priorities. What new architectural or design elements would be best for making your master bathroom more functional and attractive while enhancing your overall quality of life?

Each person’s dream master suite bathroom is bound to look slightly different based on the answer to that question. However, there are a few universally popular design elements that are likely to give you a significant return on investment (ROI) for your project. Here are a few master bathroom ideas to create a more luxurious, relaxing space for years to come:

1. Double Sinks 


If you’re building a master suite for you and your partner to share—or you want to support the possibility of that dynamic in the future—you will want to include double sinks. This enables you to both be using the space, preparing for the day, or getting ready for bed simultaneously, especially since sinks are needed for most grooming activities. You could have one unit with two sinks included or two separate sink stations to give each person even more space and privacy.

2. Walk-in Shower

Walk In Shower in Seattle

Another critical component of a master suite bathroom is a glorious walk-in shower with spa-like features. The trend these days is to either leave the shower open or use a frameless glass enclosure, both of which support the natural flow of light and make your bathroom feel more spacious. Consider using high-end tiles made of stone or porcelain for your shower floor and walls. A built-in seat is another smart feature, especially if you intend to age in place in your current home. Building a fully outfitted walk-in shower now saves you the trouble of doing so in the future.

3. Shower Fixture Set 

Seattle Bathroom Remodel With Glass Doors

Along with a large walk-in shower, your new bathroom items list should include a full shower fixture system with different types of faucets and implements for rinsing off. Some components to look for in a set include a fixed shower head, a rainfall shower-head, a handheld shower wand, and a shower panel. Having a few different options allows you to shower, standing up, or sitting down while giving you a spa-like experience. Additionally, a handheld shower-head will make it easier to clean your dirty shower stall in the future.

4. Solid Slab Shower Walls 

Bathroom Remodel Shower Feature with Built in Soap Holder

There’s something undeniably attractive and lavish about having Solid Quartz Shower Walls in a master suite bathroom. With, you can achieve that high-end look while benefiting from the several distinct perks that come from using an engineered stone product. Quartz slabs are stronger, less brittle, and less porous than natural stone slab. The coloring is also more uniform because the material is somewhat synthetic. Solid Quartz Slabs are available in a wide variety of design styles. For example, you can choose a slab with an integrated shower niche for a stunning, cohesive look.

5. Shower Niche 

Want to add a unique design feature to your shower that also serves a practical purpose? A shower niche is the way to go. Shower niches are permanently recessed shelves built directly into your wall, and they come in two main categories: tiled and finished. Tile shower niches can be either customized or prefabricated, the latter of which is easier to install and waterproof. Whichever direction you go, your shower niche will be the perfect spot for storing shampoo, soap, shaving cream, and other shower necessities.

6. Heated Floors  

You can make your master suite bathroom as beautiful as you want, but without a comfort level to match, all those good looks will be quickly forgotten. For instance, your imported tile or natural stone flooring can quickly become a point of discomfort on those frigid winter mornings in Seattle. The solution for your upscale space is in-floor radiant heat, and if you’re already remodeling, now is the time to add it. Radiant heat is also designed to work with other types of popular bathroom floors, such as hardwood and linoleum, and it’s more energy efficient than forced-air.


Pro Tip

Make sure to get a programmable thermostat. That way, your bathroom floor will be nice and hot every morning when you enter your bathroom!  The one we recommend to all our clients is the Nuheat Signature Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat.


7. Frameless Glass Wall Partition 

Another popular design element for a modern master bath is a frameless glass partition, which can serve various purposes. A full or half wall can be used to divide the bathroom into different zones, such as compartmentalizing the commode area. If you use a patterned, tinted, or acid-etched glass wall, it will enhance privacy while still allowing light to pass through. Another popular way to use a glass partition is between your master bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Again, it sustains the visual flow and illusion of space between the two areas while still keeping them separate. Frameless glass shower doors are also a trendy design element for your Seattle bathroom remodel.

Upgrading Your Seattle Master Bathroom 

A master bathroom has the potential to be your personal sanctuary—a relaxing and rejuvenating area that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle needs and sense of style. However, creating this type of space in your Seattle home can be a less-than-pleasant experience without the right design and construction professionals to help. At Innovative Home Renovations, our experienced team works off a Fixed-Priced Build Contract, which means we are incentivized to ensure that your master bathroom makeover will be completed on time and on budget.

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