Oct. 27 2020

2021 Bathroom Design Trends for Your Seattle Home

by Bennett Bottorff

Have you stopped to take a closer look at your bathroom lately? So often people get entrenched in the relentless pace of their busy lives that they simply get used to a space in their home being less than optimal.  Whether you’ve recently purchased a fixer-upper in North Seattle or have spent several years in your home, now is the time to evaluate your bathroom to see whether various components and features need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded to enhance your quality of life.

What's Trending in Bathrooms in 2021?

Bathroom remodeling is all about making the space more comfortable, functional, and attractive based on your personal preferences, habits, and overall lifestyle. However, it doesn’t hurt to research what bathroom styles, materials, and design elements seem to be trending for the 2021 season. As you begin planning and designing your upcoming remodel, here are a few bathroom trends to help inspire you.

1. Harmonizing the Interior and Exterior

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One of the bathroom trends emerging on the scene is a blurring of lines between the exterior and interior, especially for your master bathroom. Rather than keeping it a secluded, hidden room, some homeowners are creating a fluid connection between the bathroom and the outside world through biophilic design. That means integrating natural materials, such as clay, stone, concrete; organic shapes; and vast windows or a skylight over the shower. You can even create a transition between your bathroom and porch or garden that can be opened on warm summer days in Seattle. Either way, plants are a good basis for your biophilic bathroom design, with such options as snake plants, orchids, moss, and Chinese evergreens.

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2. Incorporating Terrazzo

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For luxury bathroom designs, particularly with an old-world twist, consider using terrazzo in the flooring and/or walls. Terrazzo is a composite comprised of chips of quartz, granite, marble, glass and other similar materials, which means you can find a variety of wildly different looks to complement your bathroom aesthetic. When remodeling your bathroom in North Seattle, you can install epoxy-resin or polyacrylate terrazzo over an existing concrete or wood substrate.

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3. Supporting Sustainability

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For some time, sustainability felt like a buzzword, but many Seattle homeowners are genuinely invested in embracing balanced, environmentally friendly interior designs. When it comes to home remodeling, sustainable practices include minimizing waste, using locally sourced materials, and prioritizing energy efficiency. A few manufacturers are using recycled and repurposed materials for their products. Caroma, for example, is a leader in sustainable, eco-friendly bathroom design.

4. Installing a Standalone Bathtub

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Very little says luxury like a beautiful free-standing bathtub. Although the structure serves a practical purpose, it also has an eye-catching accent. The latest trend in bathtub designs is intimate and compact, although the materials are bold and innovative. You can find bathtubs in a variety of both modern and traditional looks, such as antique brass, lavish white marble, or acrylic oval-shaped tubs. Another advantage is that they can be placed anywhere to optimize your bathroom layout.

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5. Going Bohemian

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Bohemian styles are coming onto the scene, particularly in the tile arena. When it comes to tile for both walls and flooring, designers are integrating art-inspired patterns, exotic colors, interesting shapes, and handmade finishes. For example, traditional zellige tiles from Morocco—handmade, glazed, and charmingly imperfect—go well with an eclectic, transitional, or Mediterranean bathroom style. Even when using classic subway tiles, you can add an artistic flair by choosing rich colors or arranging them in a dynamic pattern.

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6. Opting for Matte Black

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Another current bathroom trend is to switch up the outdated all-white design for the striking, stylish appeal of matte black. You can incorporate black through a variety of components, from your vanity and toilet seat to the tiles, bathtub, lights, and mirror frames. This color choice is especially appropriate for a clean, chic contemporary bathroom.

7. Simplifying Your Shower

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Among your small bathroom remodel ideas, consider installing frameless shower doors, which help the area look bigger and less cluttered. They are also easier to clean. Another simple, elegant and very modern trend is the open shower concept. Sophisticated drainage systems ensure the water doesn’t spread into the rest of the bathroom. You can also mark off the shower space with a decorative edge or simple stairs. 

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8. Creating an Industrial Design

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Although not for everyone, an industrial design manages to look fresh and interesting while pulling in elements of a foregone era. There are several simple ways to achieve an industrial aesthetic in your bathroom: a brick accent wall, concrete countertops, Edison lightbulbs, square windows, round mirrors, and exposed pipework. Also incorporate metal elements, such as a steel soap tray, trash can, or towel basket.

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9. Adding a Colorful Basin

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When considering your sink basin, you’re no longer restricted to white or off-white. Acrylic basins are now available in a range of colors, from bright hues to pastel tones, and homeowners are trending toward these options. For a vintage feel, choose a hand-painted ceramic or tempered glass sink. No matter what color, style, or material you choose, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your bathroom.

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Remodeling Your Bathroom in Seattle

Designing the perfect bathroom is no small task. With numerous decisions to make along the way, our goal at Innovative Home Renovations is not to overtake your vision but to empower you throughout the design process. Contact us today so we can help you create and envision exactly what your new bathroom will look like.


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