Sep. 25 2020

5 Cost-Effective Ideas to Give Your Old and Outdated Bathroom New Life

by Bennett Bottorff

Current trends in bathroom makeovers lean heavily towards a minimalistic refresh - this approach retains the original layout of the space while updating crucial elements. Such as cabinets, fixtures, and appliances. This shift takes into account not only the aesthetic appeal but also the practical advantages of this strategy. These refreshes are cost-effective and time-efficient, making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to make significant changes without a large investment.

Freestanding Vanity  


Revamping the vanity can dramatically transform an antiquated bathroom, with a freestanding option offering both style and flexibility for potential future makeovers. These standalone units often come complete with countertop, sink, and even plumbing fixtures, simplifying the installation process. If you decide to remodel the bathroom later completely, the freestanding vanity can be easily repurposed, providing a cost-effective solution. Elevate the new look by updating the vanity mirror, ideally encased in a finish that matches the vanity, for a cohesive and modern aesthetic.

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Light Fixtures  

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If you have more wiggle room in your budget, consider investing in new lighting fixtures to truly elevate the look of your bathroom. This could mean installing recessed lighting for a sleek and modern feel or incorporating decorative sconces for a touch of elegance. Lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of a space. Alterations to existing wall or ceiling light fixtures offer an additional avenue to modernize your bathroom, aligning it with contemporary trends. This swap can also enhance the energy efficiency of the space, contingent on the types of fixtures selected. 

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Knobs, Pulls, and Wall Fixtures 


Another way to update your bathroom without breaking the bank is by replacing the existing knobs and pulls with ones that better reflect your individual style. The absence of these on your current vanity presents the perfect opportunity to introduce them for a fresh look. Complement this change with new wall fixtures that either match or aesthetically enhance your newly selected knobs and pulls. This cost-effective tweak can make a noticeable difference, providing your bathroom with a renewed charm.

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Plumbing Fixtures  

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Are your plumbing fixtures a glaring reminder of the '90s with their polished chrome finish, or do their plastic components lack the firm, quality feel of solid handles? If this is the case, consider upgrading them to modern styles with robust metal components. Although replacing bathroom plumbing fixtures typically necessitates professional assistance, the time commitment can be surprisingly minimal - often requiring only two to four hours of labor. Thus, this upgrade can represent an efficient and impactful update to your bathroom's aesthetic and functionality.

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Undoubtedly, one of the most transformative changes you can make while revamping your bathroom involves updating the flooring and wall tile. Often, dated bathrooms are characterized by dark, moody tiles that can make the space appear gloomy. Opting for a brighter, lighter color scheme can significantly enhance the room's aesthetic, imbuing it with a fresh, inviting aura. If you're on board with engaging in the demolition work personally, you can hire a competent tile subcontractor to retile an average-sized bathroom. The cost for such a project typically falls within the range of $2,000 to $4,000, presenting an optimal balance of economical and impactful bathroom updates.

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Are you interested in exploring these ideas and would like some help or guidance?  Contact us today by connecting with one of our Interior Designers so they can walk you through the process and also share with you other ideas that would be perfect for your unique bathroom space. 


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