Jan. 25 2021

Design Tips for Creating your Dream Spa Bathroom

by Bennett Bottorff

2020 was a tough year and we could all use a little more pampering. Start 2021 off in the right direction by creating more relaxing and enjoyable experiences for yourself. One of the ways we can do that is through our home. With us all staying in more, we should make our houses feel more tranquil and rejuvenating. Why not start with the bathroom?

The bathroom is a great room to transform into a relaxing oasis. There are so many options in making these rooms into spa-like spaces. We’ve put together our top tips for helping achieve that zen feel for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Spa Shower

Luxurious Bath Experience

Creating a spa aesthetic is more than just a look….it’s a feel. To achieve this, choose fixtures with special features such as thermostatic dials, Jacuzzi valves in the tub, and steam shower options. These fancy fixtures make all the difference is elevating your bath time experience into a spa moment.

Monochrome Color Scheme

While all styles of bathrooms can have that spa-like feel, there is a certain look that those spa inspired baths have. Most spas keep a monochrome color scheme. This helps to visually calm the eye. Often these monochrome colors are neutral, such as warm beiges or soft greys. This is to keep in line with the relaxing feeling, as earthy tones are calming and timeless.

Lighting on Dimmers

Lighting is an important feature in any design, bathrooms included. Often times we want MORE lighting in these spaces, but in terms of creating a spa feel, you actually want less. This is because spas generally have a soft accent light to create a mood. A great way to achieve this is by adding dimmer switches to your existing lights. That way you can still have ample lighting for things such as shaving and putting on make-up.

 Luxurious Spa Bathroom Shower

Large Scale Tile

To achieve that serene and clean feeling, opt for large format tile for both the floor and walls. Large scale tile brings in a modern feeling that many spas have. These larger tiles are also easier to clean, due to the minimal grout lines with these bigger pieces. Go for a grid pattern layout to keep with the minimal and modern feel.

Spa Bathroom bathtub

For help pulling your spa bathroom together, schedule an appointment and get in touch with Innovative Home Renovations. We’re here to help you in creating your dream bathroom and make your house feel more like a home!


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