Oct. 10 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Craftsman Kitchen Design

by Megan Stoke

Why is it important to know your design style? Understanding your unique design style is essential for personal satisfaction and creating a space that truly feels like home. When remodeling a kitchen, it's important to create an area that reflects your personality and taste. This not only generates a space where you feel content and happy, but it also allows you to express your individuality. Remember, your style doesn't have to conform strictly to traditional categories like "modern" or "rustic". Your interior design style will more than likely be blended from different styles to craft a kitchen that is uniquely yours.

Explore the captivating fixtures, elements, and colors that make up this style.


Why this style might be the fit for you? For those who relish DIY remodeling, active involvement in crafting your environment profoundly influences your design appreciation. If you enjoy shaping your surroundings or appreciate handcrafted aesthetics, you've found your style. Craftsman design celebrates artisanal work, using organic materials and vintage charm to captivate the mind and ensnare the senses.

“You know it when you see it”

  • Abundance of natural wood in various stains
  • Colorful handmade tile in detailed patterns
  • Geometric lighting design
  • Recessed panel cabinets with exposed joinery
  • Robust, solid-looking architectural details

Avoid These for Craftsman Kitchens

  • Organic shapes and smooth edges
  • Sleek kitchen faucet
  • Vibrant color palettes
  • Monochromatic color palettes
  • Vinyl and flat panel cabinets

Pro Tip

If you are struggling to picture examples of transitional kitchens, visit this Houzz Ideabook or a plethora of different spaces showcasing this style.


Ideal Color Palette


Craftsman kitchens often follow a natural color palette. A nature-inspired palette often draws inspiration from the colors found outdoors, including landscapes, flora, and fauna. These colors can be used individually or in combination to create a calming color palette.

Cabinet Style


Shaker cabinets with visible joinery give off an unmistakable handcrafted charm. Their clean lines and distinctive woodwork joinery, such as dovetail or mortise-and-tenon, showcase meticulous craftsmanship. These cabinets often feature warm wood stains that enhance the natural grain and texture. Complementing this, cream-colored cabinets create a nice contrast, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities.

2 Unique Elements of Craftsman Kitchens


Handcrafted Details Craftsman design originates from the Arts and Crafts movement, where hand-made furniture, decorative hardware, and intricate tile work were popularized. Emphasis on artistic expression

Built-In Storage Everyone loves a dining room bench, but craftsman would take it a step further with a surrounding bookshelf or cabinet storage tied into the same space. Look to the kitchen island for exposed ends filled with open shelves, wine storage, and more.

3 Selection Details Found in Craftsman Kitchens


Artistic Lighting Stained glass is reminiscent of the 18th/19th century, but even modern fixtures have intricate glass patterns. Shades are usually bold shapes like squares, lanterns, and pyramids.

Natural Materials Similar to modern design, except wood is the predominant color/texture in the space. But you also see handmade clay tiles, concrete sinks, natural stone counters, and lots of glass to welcome in natural light.

Handmade Rectangular Tile Simple shapes allow the color and texture of the tile to come forward. Rich colors work with the deep wood tones, and even illustrated motifs can be used as accents to tell a story about the space.

What ultimately makes this style so popular?


In this comprehensive guide to Craftsman Kitchen Design, we've delved deeply into the artful blend of timeless craftsmanship and modern functionality that defines this distinctive style. Within these pages, you've been immersed in the world of Craftsman-inspired color palettes, authentic cabinet designs, and unique elements that shape a Craftsman kitchen. It's crucial to bear in mind that your kitchen should mirror your personality and lifestyle, embracing the craftsmanship and authenticity inherent in this design. Embrace the fusion of various artisanal and contemporary elements to craft a space that truly embodies your individuality. We trust that this guide will ignite your creativity, inspiring you to create a Craftsman kitchen that not only offers practicality and comfort but also showcases enduring craftsmanship—a kitchen space that you'll treasure for years to come.

IHR Next Steps

Are you ready to delve into the captivating realm of Kitchen Interior Design Styles? Enhance your knowledge with our comprehensive guide, "Your Guide to the 6 Top Seattle Kitchen Design Styles." Add it to your reading list and embark on a personalized journey to discover your own unique style. If you've already explored the various styles and need assistance in finding your perfect fit, reach out to us today, and let us assist you. Start your design adventure now!


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