Aug. 17 2023

Your Guide to the 6 Top Seattle Kitchen Design Styles

by Megan Stoke

If someone asked you to pick your favorite space from the images below, could you do so based on visual appeal alone? Maybe so, but if you were presented with only the names of design styles like contemporary and transitional and asked to choose one or the other, you might feel unsure and hesitant about expressing your preference. Using design terminology can be intimidating, but fear not, because being confident about your passions and speaking proudly about your interior spaces can be incredibly empowering. This feeling should extend to the heart of your home, the kitchen, where memories are made, and connections are forged. Whether you are considering a kitchen remodel or seeking simple improvements, you're in for a treat. Let's explore six design styles together and find out which one resonates with you the most.

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of interior design, as we explore six popular styles frequently found in a Seattle home!


transitional option 2

Do you love a formal look for a night out but stop to throw on a casual blouse and bold scarf to stand out in the crowd? Much like this balanced choice, transitional design may be the style for you! The interior decor takes a relaxed yet captivating approach, skillfully combining the allure of traditional elements with the clean lines of contemporary design. In a transitional kitchen, you might encounter a polished countertop paired with handcrafted, textured tiles or satin metal faucets beautifully complementing a reflective undermount sink. These textural juxtapositions create a sense of depth and visual interest, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space. 

Key Characteristics   

  • Juxtaposed cabinetry, mixing shaker and flat-panel styles in the same space. 
  • White or grey quartz countertops with bold veining 
  • Open shelving  
  • Subway backsplash tile  
  • Brushed metal surfaces such as satin nickel, brushed brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. 
  • Classic lighting with a contemporary twist 

Transitional Color Palette 

  • Transitional kitchens embrace a welcoming neutral color palette, often featuring the trendy hue 'greige,' catering to a wide range of personalities. However, they add an enchanting twist with captivating blue cabinets and decorative elements in warm colors like oranges and maroons.

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If you find yourself turning away from the ornate frills of traditional decor, such as lavish gold Victorian mirrors or boldly pigmented rugs, modern design might be more in line with your taste. You are drawn to the functional approach of living spaces, where the design is streamlined and emphasizes form following function. Efficiency and purposefulness take precedence, and you appreciate the integration of industrial materials like glass, steel, and concrete. The overall appeal of modern design lies in its commitment to honest and simple aesthetics, creating a harmonious and contemporary atmosphere. 

Key Characteristics   

  • Open concept layouts with plenty of space for multiple cooks 
  • Simplicity and clean lines through a continuous backsplash or flat-panel cabinets   
  • Incorporation of technology via smart appliances or integrated lighting
  • Natural materials like concrete floors or solid wood cabinets 
  • Clean line pendant rods and smooth shades 
  • Minimalist furniture with matte black or chrome accents  

Modern Color Palette 

  • Neutrals dominate modern interiors, as we are again reminded of the integration of natural and industrial materials. It’s not uncommon to see bright whites, soothing greys, and muted earthy tones that create a calm and cohesive atmosphere. 

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In the world of design, "contemporary" signifies what is currently evolving and trending. If you have an adaptable style, one that artfully blends the best of what's current without fear of the decorated past, then the allure of contemporary kitchen design may attract you. This style effortlessly weaves together elements from different design periods, resulting in spaces that exude freshness and innovation, all while showcasing your own unique personality. With an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly materials, contemporary design also aligns seamlessly with our collective endeavor to create a cleaner planet.  

Key Characteristics  

  • Plant life and natural materials like wood cabinets 
  • Natural stone countertops  
  • Cutting-edge stainless steel or black appliances 
  • Eye-catching lights fixtures  
  • Pops of color with personalized backsplashes or furniture
  • Minimalist faucets and simple-to-no hardware

Contemporary Color Palette 

  • To create a clean and timeless space that reflects a multitude of styles, you often see neutral tones with bold pops of color. Right next to the white cabinets and stainless appliances are vibrant blues, captivating golds, and warm woods.  

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On your perfect Friday night, you enjoy a peaceful evening with a mystery novel, a glass of wine, and some baking, choosing the comforting nostalgia of chocolate chip cookies. Traditional kitchen designs work similarly, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. What makes them unique is their ability to span across eras, encompassing styles from Victorian opulence to 20th-century European charm. Expect to find rich decorations and formal furniture emanating an overall sense of elegance and refinement.  

Key Characteristics  

  • Ornate millwork like crown molding and carved accents in the island posts 
  • Decorative cabinet hood vents  
  • Raised and glass panel cabinetry with lots of detail.
  • Mosaic tile backsplash and rich stone counters  
  • Symmetry and balance are emphasized.  
  • Classic patterns in wallpaper and textiles, like florals and damask 

Traditional Color Palette 

  • Traditional kitchens typically embrace warm and rich color palettes. Earthy tones like deep browns, warm creams, and shades of red, green, or blue are commonly used. These colors contribute to a cozy and inviting ambiance that characterizes traditional kitchen design. 

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When you imagine a farm, you probably think of the animals and long, arduous work. But there's something special about the simple and honest lifestyle, the rustic living, and the sense of freedom it represents. These are the very qualities that farmhouse design aims to capture. It blends a touch of modern flair with the charm of the countryside, boasting crisp lines and a beautiful interplay of light and dark materials. Farmhouse design keeps things down-to-earth, with easily identifiable technology and materials making it the perfect space for those who love cooking with the whole family. 

Key Characteristics  

  • White apron front sink 
  • Reclaimed wood floors or ceiling details  
  • Shiplap or beadboard paneling on the walls or backsplash.  
  • Subway tile  
  • Wrought iron, brass, and other vintage-inspired hardware.  
  • Large pendants in distressed finishes or metal accents 
Farmhouse Color Palette 
  • Farmhouse kitchens often showcase a light color palette complemented by earthy tones such as brown, grey, and blue. This delicate balance alludes to the simple and soothing nature of the design, effortlessly linking the gentle beige, calming taupe, and serene pastel greens to the beauty of the natural environment. 

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If you find joy in crafting your own furniture instead of opting for store-bought pieces, or if you adore the outdoors and want your interiors to mirror the natural world, then craftsman style might be the perfect fit for you. This captivating style draws inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th and 20th centuries, embracing the allure of organic textures and celebrating the artistry of handcrafted work. In modern craftsman spaces, wood tones are more relaxed, complemented by white accents or bold colors to achieve a contemporary update that still honors the vintage heritage. 

Key Characteristics  

  • Recessed panel cabinetry with ornamental accents  
  • Built-in features like a dining room bench or hidden bookshelf  
  • Unique and hand-crafted backsplash tile, especially around the range 
  • Glass and metal light fixtures with an industrial edge
  • Emphasis on natural light
  • Metal finishes with a patina

Craftsman Color Palette 

  • Accents of olive green, deep browns, rustic reds, and subtle gold make up the color palette in the paint, tile, and cabinets of a craftsman kitchen. The space should feel inviting and rooted in nature so that natural materials make a statement on their own.  

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There's No Such Thing as Too Many Questions!

Understanding your own unique design style is important when creating your dream renovation. Just as we feel confident when wearing our favorite outfits, a kitchen that resonates with our individual style becomes a space where comfort and creativity seamlessly blend together!  By recognizing and embracing your unique kitchen design style, you can renovate your home to reflect your personality. 

If you're considering a remodel but unsure of where to begin, allow our team of expert interior designers to guide you through the process.  To start, our interior designers will work with you to help you discover your own unique design style as they lead you through the process of creating the journey of creating the kitchen of your dreams.  Contact us today and take the first step in transforming your kitchen!

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