Oct. 26 2023

The Top Cabinet Colors You Need In Your Seattle Kitchen

by Isabella Borrelli

It’s no surprise that many professional moms want to have a beautiful and functional kitchen that suits their style and needs. Your kitchen is the hub for family gatherings, where meals are prepared, and memories are made. At Innovative Home Renovations, we understand the importance of a functional and stylish kitchen. Choosing the right colors for you is one of the most significant components of a kitchen remodel. This blog post will focus on the top kitchen cabinet colors that professional moms can consider for their dream kitchen.

Classic White


White is timeless, elegant, and adaptable for any design style. That being said, white cabinets are not the ideal fit if you have young kids. White cabinets are more prone to stains, scratches, and spills that may be harder to clean for busy moms. But, if you have older kids or an empty nest, white cabinets look beautiful in any kitchen size and design. White cabinets enhance natural light and make any kitchen feel spacious and refreshing. For a fresh and clean look, this white does the trick.

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Warm Tones


Neutral and warm hues like beige, cream, ivory, and tan are color options for an understated, classic look. The warm shades add an earthy touch and work well with various countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. If you want a kitchen with a cozy and inviting feel, this color palette is perfect for your remodel project. This cool, deep brown pairs well with creamy whites and warm beiges.

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Pro Tip

Try Before You Buy - "make sure you’ve found the perfect color for your next project. Order color chips, peel & stick or Color to Go® samples to see how your top color picks look and feel in your space." Learn more at SherwinWilliams.com


Amazing Gray's


Gray kitchen cabinets are a popular trend because they look sleek, stylish, and chic. Gray cabinets come in various shades from light to dark, and they complement modern, industrial, and minimalist design styles. Moreover, gray is a neutral color that works well with other shades such as blue, green, and white. This exceptional neutral merges elements of green and gray, forming a tranquil and soothing shade that provides comfort and serenity. Gray cabinets are easy to pair with bold accessories or appliances and look fabulous in a spacious kitchen.

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Navy Blue's


Are you looking for something different than the traditional brown or white cabinets? Navy blue cabinets are making a comeback and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. Navy blue cabinets pair well with brass or gold hardware, and they work well in kitchens with white or marble countertops. Moreover, navy blue cabinets complement stainless steel appliances and create a luxurious and timeless style. A deep shade of blue offers tranquility in dimly lit rooms yet blossoms vibrantly in direct sunlight.

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Dark Wood


If you’re a fan of natural-looking wood grain, you might want to consider dark wood kitchen cabinets. Dark wood cabinets create a warm, cozy, and rustic kitchen look. Dark wood cabinetry works well with lighter countertops or flooring, and they look fabulous with brass hardware or white appliances. With its rich and warm look, dark wood cabinets make any kitchen inviting and welcoming. Wood species is a vital aspect to consider when choosing cabinets, it significantly impacts aesthetics and durability. Huntwood understands this factor, empowering customers to select their preferred wood species through their website. Upon close examination, the wood displayed in the image presents characteristics resembling Cherry. However, on an even more precise note, the enchanting finish on the wood brings to mind the warm, earthy tones of a Nutmeg stain.

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A Kitchen That Reflects Your Style

As a Seattle homeowner, you want a kitchen that reflects your style, is functional for your family’s needs, and looks beautiful. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet color is essential to your remodel project. You want to choose a color that fits your style, is timeless, and looks elegant. Whether you choose classic white, warm hues, gray, navy blue, or dark wood, make sure your kitchen cabinet color reflects your personality. Reach out to us today, and let us assist you in creating a functional, stunning, and personalized kitchen for your family’s needs.


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