Feb. 26 2021

Which Kitchen Style is the Right One For You?

by Bennett Bottorff

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a primary goal is to balance function and form, or how the space performs when used for daily tasks and how it looks.

If the Seattle home where you currently reside wasn’t originally your dream house, there’s a good chance the existing design style doesn’t quite fit your personal tastes. Or maybe your preferences have changed over the years, and you’re ready to be surrounded by a new environment. Either way, kitchen remodeling is akin to getting a fresh start and giving the space a timely makeover so it is beautiful as well as functional and convenient.

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If you’re like many homeowners, you may have a clear mental picture of what sort of style you enjoy. What tends to be more challenging is figuring out how to communicate what you see in your head with your kitchen remodeler, and then selecting the right features and finishes to bring that look to life. While your design professional can help you navigate the decision-making process, here is an overview of the most popular kitchen design styles to get you started on identifying which one works for you:

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Craftsman Style 


When you choose to design your Seattle kitchen remodel with a craftsman style, think of the space itself as the décor. Your kitchen should showcase fine craftsmanship, custom millwork and charming stone accents to create an earthy sensuality that is at once comfortable and inviting. The craftsman style—which was popularized during the Arts and Crafts movement of the 20th century—is known for built-in shelving, mixed metals, window seats, handmade kitchen furniture, glass or zinc tabletops, and other intricate stonework or woodwork. Since craftsman kitchens are chock full of rich wood details, incorporate some pops of color via your appliances, drapery or other simple décor to capture the signature artisan flair.

Traditional Style 

Traditional Kitchen In Seattle

Rooted in European sensibilities, the traditional or classic style embodies timeless elegance. Typically, you achieve this look through depth and layering of different colors and textures that add dimension and nuance. Some elements that are popular in the traditional style include curved lines, dark wood with a luscious finish, and ornate details. Using white for the tiles and other accents will nicely contrast the otherwise rich color palette. For your curtains and furnishing, consider incorporating fabrics like velvet, silk and brocade, which come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns to lend visual interest and warmth to the space. Finish off the look with gleaming marble or quartz countertops, modern stainless-steel appliances, polished hardwood floors and paneled or glass cupboard doors.

French Country

French Country Kitchen Style In Seattle

If you want to imbue your kitchen with a sense of je ne sais quoi, French country may be the design style for you. At once warm, romantic, and inviting, this appealing kitchen style boasts effortless elegance that reminds one of a countryside villa in the South of France. When selecting furniture, flooring material, and architectural elements for your design, choose finishes that are slightly distressed and vintage looking. Incorporate actual antiques, furniture-like cabinetry, and a color palette filled with warm neutrals and rich, bright hues, such as tans, creams, golds, deep reds, and olive green. Exposed beams, high ceilings, simple chandeliers, fresh linens, and plants, and flowers are other popular attributes of the French country kitchen style.

Modern Scandinavian 

Modern Scan

Scandinavian design pays homage to the simplicity of life embraced in Nordic countries, like Sweden, Finland and Norway. For this style, you’ll want to focus on a minimalist design that is uncluttered by superfluous décor or overly intricate architectural elements. Although simple and understated, Scandinavian furniture serves as a work of art, showcasing sculptural influence while still providing optimal functionality. A modern Scandinavian kitchen is light and spacious, incorporating all-white color schemes and natural elements like steel, wide plank flooring, form-pressed wood and enameled aluminums. To accent the bright and peaceful atmosphere, include pops of vibrant blue, red or yellow. Otherwise, keep your decorations to a minimum when transforming your Seattle kitchen with a modern Scandinavian style.

Mid-Century Modern Style 


Another popular interior design style is mid-century modern. Both stylish and functional, a mid-century modern kitchen takes a playful approach to colors, textures and patterns. As you develop the design, make sure it’s grounded in neutral colors, clean lines and wood elements. Then have some fun layering in vivid hues of sunshine yellow, bright orange, turquoise and the primary colors, or go for moodier tones of burnt orange, sage green and rust red. Other decorative elements that can help you capture the mid-century modern style in your kitchen include wall hangings and mobiles showcasing graphic patterns and shapes, sculptures in varying sizes, vases in saturated colors, and other décor that references the 1950s and 1960s.

Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse

Unlike several other design styles, modern farmhouse is noted for its embrace of personalized details, like hand-painted dishes displayed on open shelves, vintage doorknobs, woven baskets, and unique backsplashes. A modern farmhouse kitchen will include a generous amount of wood—which may involve varying textures and tones—along with copper, galvanized steel and brick accents for a fresh take on a distinctly warm and cozy living space inspired by a pastoral existence. For your color scheme, you can pair cream with other neutrals for a more traditional look, or opt for bold, earthy hues that augment the visual appeal of the natural textures in your space.

Designing Your Kitchen Remodel in Seattle

Even if you’re not sure exactly how to define your preferred kitchen design style or what architectural and design elements it should include, don’t let that deter you from pursuing a kitchen remodel for your home in Seattle. At Innovative Home Renovations, helping you navigate the planning stage of your kitchen upgrade is part of the comprehensive design-build service we offer. We are experienced with a number of popular design styles and can work with you to clearly identify your taste and develop a detailed remodeling plan to match.


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