Mar. 7 2024

How To Choose Your Bathroom Countertop: Everything You Should Consider

by Haley Carroll

Picking out a countertop for your bathroom remodel is a big decision – a lot is rests on it!

Puns aside, your bathroom counter is often one of the focal points of the room. Not only should it help unify your tiles, cabinets, and walls – it needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

With a multitude of materials to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one is the right fit for your home. In this post, we’ll cover every aspect you should consider for your bathroom counter to make the selection process a little less daunting and a lot more streamlined.

What to consider when choosing your bathroom countertop

ravenna countertop

To choose the countertop material that’s the right aesthetic fit and will last for years to come, let’s first look at all the functional considerations that go into this decision.

Will it get wet?

An obvious first and foremost consideration, your bathroom counter will need to withstand water from your sink. If you’ve got someone in your home that washes their face in the sink and tends to splash like they’re in a Neutrogena ad, your countertop will need to survive a daily soaking.

Will it be subject to stains?

Some counter materials are more porous than others, making them more susceptible to soak in the colors of dirt, makeup, dyes, and other staining substances that find their way into the bathroom. If you tend to apply your makeup at the vanity, wash clothes in the sink, or clean up from messy projects in your bathroom, you should keep this factor in mind.

Will it be exposed to heat?

This factor is often a consideration for kitchen countertops, but it can be pertinent to your bathroom as well: hair tools that use heat, such as curling irons and straighteners, often end up resting on the counter. If you own these tools, you’ll want to make sure your excellent hair day doesn’t come at the cost of your new countertop.

Could it potentially be cracked?

You would never imagine that a bathroom counter would need to endure great force, but accidents can happen anywhere. A dropped hairdryer, perhaps, or playful children that like to climb to new heights could put pressure on your counter. If you have accident-prone or rambunctious family members, the material’s strength is worth considering.

Will it need a lot of upkeep?

Since some counter materials aren’t as sturdy as others, they’ll require a bit more upkeep to maintain them. If you’ve got a full schedule and don’t have the time or mind space to be vigilant about caring for your bathroom counters, you’ll want to choose a material of the heartier variety.

Next (the fun part), think about how you want your countertop to look.

What material fits my design style?

Choosing Bathroom Tile

To guide the aesthetics of your remodel, it helps to define your design style. Not sure about yours? You can take our design style quiz to help you get started. Or you can check out an interior design glossary like this one from HGTV.

Once you have a better idea of the look you’re going for, you can research other examples of bathrooms in that style. Houzz, Pinterest, interior design blogs, and home furnishing company websites can be great sources of inspiration, or good old-fashioned interior design magazines.

Pro Tip

Take a look at the bathroom idea boards we assembled on Houzz for Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Minimalist, and Farmhouse design styles.


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For example, midcentury modern bathrooms often feature simple stone countertops in white or other light shades, while mediterranean counters might have tile, wood or stone counters in bolder patterns and shades.

What’s my budget for my bathroom countertop?

gray veined countetop

Finally, one of the most important factors in your material selection is the cost. There are a few components that make up the total cost of your bathroom countertop:

  • How much square footage you need. The bigger the counter, the more expensive it will be to procure.
  • If it’s premade or custom built. Buying pre-built vanities and countertops from manufacturers will save you on cost, but you’ll be limited on design choices and creating the most optimal solution for your space.
  • If you want slabs or tile. Since slabs are larger portions of your selected material, they are a more expensive solution than tiles. Slabs tend to look more luxurious and cleaner than tiles, since the material’s surface is undisturbed by grout. However, tiles can also look beautiful in their own right, and the decision between the two is matter of personal preference as much as cost analysis.
  • The material itself. Materials can vary widely in their cost per square foot – natural stone in a sought-after color is going to be at a much higher price point than manmade materials.

How to choose the right countertop for my bathroom remodel

To choose a countertop you’ll be happy with for years to come, you should invest in a material that is sturdy, requires a level of care you’re confident you can keep up with, and fits timelessly into your unique design style.

You’ll be using your bathroom counter multiple times per day on most days, so you should choose a material you’ll be glad to see day in and day out.

Want experts to help you select and install your perfect bathroom countertop?

When you remodel your Seattle bathroom, you want to make sure you’re making the most out of your space; working with a design-build firm will help you navigate all the decisions and considerations needed to achieve a room that reaches its full potential. Innovative Home Renovations will partner with you end to end; contact us today to set your remodeling journey up for success.

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