Jun. 27 2024

Exterior Door Options: Take Advantage of Your Outdoor Living Area

by Haley Carroll

The best part of calling Seattle home is by far the summer months – August, especially. If you want to spend as much time as possible soaking up the glorious weather, consider creating more cohesion between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

If you’ve got a yard or patio, being able to access that space easily from the interior of your home and travel effortlessly between the two will encourage you to spend more time outside.

The key to this? Your exterior door.

Why you should upgrade your exterior entrance

  • Better access to the outdoors. You’ll be encouraged to spend more time outside if it’s easier to get there.
  • More light. Glass doors allow more natural light to flow into your home, making your space feel bright and invigorating.
  • Better insulation. Reduce drafts and save on energy costs with a well-sealed door.
  • Increased ventilation. Exterior doors can be designed for optimal ventilation into your home.
  • Make your indoor living area feel larger. A seamless entry into another living area makes the entire space feel more expansive.
  • Reduce outdoor noise. If you live on a busy street, replacing your existing door with a dual- or triple-pane glass door will increase the sound insulation of the door. An insulating door frame and proper installation will ensure your home’s peace and tranquility will be improved.

There are many creative options available for exterior entrances.

Hinged & French doors

french doors 2

A beautiful, traditional option, a single or pair of paned glass doors that swing in or out ushers you into the outdoor area.

These doors are considered more ornamental, and often feature grids or panels. If you have a craftsman or farmhouse design style, this door type will blend perfectly with your aesthetic.

Experts recommend outswing doors, for security, protection from severe weather, and saving space in your living area.


Sliding glass doors

sliding glass

If you’re looking to save space, a sliding glass door is another classic option. These doors offer unobstructed views, bring in the most natural light, can be customized to fit many spaces, and blend with several styles.

In addition to single sliding doors, you can have double sliding doors that mimic the look of French doors, if desired.

Most often, sliding glass doors look best with modern and contemporary design styles.



Multi-slide doors

Multi slide door

If you’re looking for a wider opening, multi-slide doors offer the flexibility you’re seeking. These doors are comprised of multiple panels that can retract great distances, either back stacking on one another or being hidden in a wall pocket.

These doors can open to one side or part in the middle, whatever works better for your space.

Thought they will be a higher investment than French doors or traditional sliding doors, this option will allow you to open up a greater amount of your wall to the outdoors, truly maximizing the open-concept feel. If you’re looking for panoramic views from your home, multi-slide doors will provide them!


Bifold patio doors

Bifold patio doors

Another option for creating a large opening to your exterior is through bifold patio doors. These doors are glass panels that fold like an accordion, either opening to one side or parting in the middle. For a unique look that often offers the widest opening out of exterior doors, explore this option.

Pro Tip

To truly make the transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces seamless, maintain an even plane from the inside to the outside. This means that you shouldn’t have to step up or down to go outside; this continuity makes a huge effect.

Want to go even further? Use the same flooring in the indoor and outdoor area!



Create a custom solution

Often, a custom solution will have the greatest effect because it can be designed to take full advantage of your living area. With the modern design options on the market, this investment could become the showstopper of your main area for entertaining.

If you work with a design-build firm like Innovative Home Renovations, you’ll have access to an interior design and experienced build team that can create and install the optimal solution for your home.


Want to love your home in every season?

Innovative Home Renovations provides remodeling solutions that help you thrive in your home. To unlock your space’s full potential, talk to a project manager today!

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