Mar. 12 2021

6 Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Kitchen That Cost Less than $100

by Bennett Bottorff

In Seattle’s market, remodeling your space can be almost as much effort as buying a new house. But it doesn’t have to be!

At times, however, you may not be ready to commit to a project of that scope, yet you would still like to freshen up the space. The good news is that kitchen remodeling in Seattle can be performed at a variety of levels, from sweeping transformations to simple facelifts. There are plenty of upgrades you can invest in that will not break your bank. If you are currently on a budget or limited on your resources, these DIY projects are your solution to creating a remodeling plan that's the perfect fit for your current situation. 

Best Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget

If you don’t yet have the time, energy or resources to invest in a full kitchen makeover with a professional remodeler, consider completing a few easy kitchen upgrades that are fairly inexpensive but still boost the appearance and value of your Seattle home. Here are a few popular ways to update your kitchen on a limited budget with limited resources:

1. Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Detail In Seattle

The hardware adorning your kitchen cabinetry is a small detail, but that doesn’t make it unimportant. In fact, it’s the little things that give your kitchen its true character. You can replace your kitchen hardware to move toward a new design style or to simply create more cohesion among your existing elements. There are numerous options for sourcing pulls or knobs for the various doors and drawers in your kitchen, and you can easily replace them for less than $100. Choose beautiful brass hardware for a luxurious environment, bold black to complement wood in a farmhouse or French country style kitchen or silver knobs that match your sleek stainless-steel appliances in a modern space.

2. Replace Your Kitchen Faucet 

New Kitchen Faucet In Seattle

What's another fairly cheap kitchen update that involves your accessories? Installing a new faucet. As the kitchen sink tends to serve as the centerpiece of your countertop, adding an eye-catching faucet elevates your entire aesthetic. If you want to have the new faucet professionally installed, the cost will likely run over $100. However, replacing this kitchen feature is a fairly simple DIY project with the right tools and research, in which case you’ll only pay for the cost of the faucet itself. As with your cabinetry hardware, your kitchen faucet should be selected to complement the rest of the design style.

3. Add a Simple Backsplash 

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Detail In Seattle

Adding a new backsplash to your kitchen serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. There are multiple options when it comes to materials, colors and patterns for kitchen backsplashes. If you want to keep this kitchen upgrade within your allotted budget of about $100, you’ll need to make careful selections. Stone, stainless steel and imported glass tiles are elegant and durable options, but they also run on the expensive side. You can create a more cost-effective backsplash that still looks beautiful using reclaimed wood, ceramic tiles or thermoplastic panels. Even wallpaper or chalkboard paint can add a nice texture and point of interest within your Seattle kitchen.

4. Refresh the Color of Your Cabinets 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets In Seattle

When it comes to simple yet effective kitchen upgrades, painting or staining your cabinets is a worthwhile investment. Choosing a new color or stain for your wood cabinets will result in a more dramatic transformation of your kitchen style, although it might require extra work to cover up the original hue. Even touching up your existing color can quickly freshen the space so it doesn’t feel too worn-down or dated. Paint typically runs about $15 to $30 per gallon, and even to do three coats on each cabinet, you can still accomplish this kitchen upgrade for less than $100. It mostly requires time and patience to ensure the new paint job looks clean.

5. Put in a New Statement Light Fixture 

Kitchen Statement Lighting In Seattle

Lighting impacts the atmosphere in your kitchen by illuminating different spaces to varying degrees, but also via the color and style of the physical light fixture itself. For $100, you won’t be able to add a new electrical hookup for a light, but you can update your kitchen by replacing the existing fixture that hangs over your kitchen island or in the general area. Choose a new decorative light fixture that makes a statement but doesn’t detract from the rest of your design style.

6. Install Under-Cabinet Lights 

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting In Seattle

Another smart and affordable way to increase lighting in your Seattle kitchen and make the space more welcoming is by installing LED lights under or inside your cabinets. This adds some useful task lighting that better illuminates your workspace when you’re cooking, cleaning or doing other activities in the kitchen. It also allows you to create a nice, gentle ambience when hosting an elegant soiree or while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. For as low as $40, this project can help you significantly upgrade—and brighten up—of your kitchen.

Refreshing Your Kitchen in Seattle

Small, simple projects can go a long way toward improving the function and appearance of your kitchen, and they’re the perfect way to invest into the home you love. However, there may come a point when minor projects are no longer the best or most efficient way to upgrade your space. That’s where Innovative Home Renovations comes in. We can help you design a full kitchen remodel that is tailored to your family’s unique lifestyle needs and also makes the most of your desired project budget.

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