Feb. 9 2024

2024 Interior Design Inspiration: Trends & Tips for Your Home Remodel

by Haley Carroll

There are many, many different words that people use to describe their ideal home: minimalist, rustic, traditional, eclectic . . . the list goes on.

Although no two people will have the same interior design taste, there is one word that no one seems to strive for: outdated.

If you’re planning to transform your Seattle home with a remodel this year or refresh it with a few updates, looking at what’s trending in interior design is a great place to start. Being aware of current trends will allow you to choose the ones that speak to you and cultivate a style in your home that feels contemporary yet personalized to you.

What’s trending in interior design for 2024?

Every new year brings a fresh set of trends: some will have carried over from the previous year or evolved slightly (while the rest fall by the wayside), and others will be completely new.

A word of advice before we begin: While some trends will prove to have merit and remain popular for years to come, just as many will turn out to be fads that won’t stand the test of time. So choose wisely – don’t follow a trend if it doesn’t match your style or make sense for your home. Likewise, don’t worry if a certain color scheme or type of décor isn’t “trendy.” If it suits your fancy, that’s all that really matters.

Still, keeping up with what’s popular can help you discover new styles and get inspired, so you can unleash your full creative genius in your home.

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Top interior design colors of 2024

There’s an entire field of study dedicated to how color affects us, called color psychology. Color’s influence on how your home looks and the feelings it elicits cannot be overstated.

Let’s dig into which palettes are popular and how they affect our brains.

Brown & Warm, Earthy Tones


As a neutral tone that emits warmth, brown brings depth and interest to a space while still pairing nicely with other colors. Interior designers have noticed that people are opting to use brown in place of creams or whites.

Decorating with earth tones (shades such as pistachio, sage, mustard, ochre, warm white and taupe) has been on the rise the past few years, and people continue to evolve how they use these color palettes in their spaces. This often means using them in much more bold way: colors that were once reserved for throw pillows are now making their way into wall colors and cabinetry.

How do they make us feel? The warmth of earth tones gives us comfort. These colors provide a sense of calm, which enhances our ability to focus. Their resemblance to the elements helps us feel more connected to nature as well.

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Peach and Apricot


Pairing nicely with earth tones and named Pantone’s 2024 color of the year, peach is all about warm, fuzzy feelings. Bringing this delightful mix of pink and orange into your space will add a gentle pop of color, while not disrupting the refined, calm atmosphere you’ve created. If you want to lean into the orange hue over the pink, apricot will do the trick.

How do they make us feel? As energizing and refreshing colors, peach and apricot remind us to nurture our relationships with ourselves and each other. They help us get a little bit closer to harmony.

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Jewel tones

Jewel tones

As interior design continues to favor bold colors, the use of jewel tones – emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby – is evermore present. They provide contrast and richness to neutral colors and lighter hues.

The dark, moody tones can be incorporated through subtle accents dramatic applications that demand the spotlight in a room. Experimenting with this decadent palette can bring surprising glamour to your home.

How do they make us feel? Since precious gems have long been associated with royalty, jewel tones evoke a regal, introspective, and refined atmosphere. If you want to create a stately mood in your home, jewel tones could be a hidden gem for you.

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Trending interior design styles in 2024

A Hint of Victorian

Victorian touches

Along the same lines as jewel tones, adding Victorian-inspired touches of opulence to your home can add unexpected interest and flair to the room. Patterns, upholstered furniture with ornamental detail, and architectural features such as molding or built-in cabinetry are all staples of Victorian style.

Pro Tip

A way to ease into this style could be to play with wallpaper or create a “gallery wall” – Victorians were all about displaying their artwork.


Finding the right mixture of modern finishes and Victorian touches creates an interesting, timeless look to your home.

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Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury

In contrast to Victorian style’s flashy tendencies, “quiet luxury” focuses on understated elegance. It’s not quite minimalism, but it’s similar.

What defines quiet luxury is its emphasis on timeless pieces composed of high-quality materials that exude an effortless, yet inarguably refined look that stands the test of time. Simplicity is favored over the ornate: a clean, tastefully curated home is achieved through mainly neutral color palettes and uncomplicated fixtures.

Pro Tip

To achieve this look, start investing in high quality furniture that will be staples in your home for years to come.


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In Our Cozy Era

Plush seating

One of the most significant trends that has remained since the pandemic is the gravitation toward being comfortable. For example, “athleisure” has become an everyday look for many people as function and comfort take precedence over formality in their clothing choices.

This trend has had a dramatic effect on how we arrange and decorate our spaces: people see their homes as a place of sanctuary and safety, and they want an environment that will be conducive to that goal.

Here are a few popular ways people are making their homes more comfortable:

“All white” is over. Though an all-white room can look sleek, the lack of color can make the room feel less inviting and personable. Plus, they are quite the challenge to keep clean!

Sit down and relax. No one wants to “relax” in a chair that’s going to leave them with back pain. People are embracing plush, plump comfortable seating – and plenty of it.

As part of the increased emphasis on self-care and nourishment, people are putting more energy into fostering connections with others. This means having ample seating in your home to host friends and loved ones.

Bouclé touches. Designers, celebrities, and everyone else cannot get enough of this fabric. Bouclé (boo-clay) is French for “looped.” This thick, dense fabric is made from yarn with loops or nubs. The end result is a plush texture that is perfect for blankets, chairs, and other home accents to add a dose of coziness to the room.


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Texture, texture, and more texture for 2024

Wood texture

Bouclé is far from the only texture designers are using these days: texture itself over smooth or glossy finishes is a major trend for 2024. This applies to walls and architectural features, fixtures, and other décor.

Here are a few materials that have really taken off:

Terracotta. The use of this earthenware material has completely evolved since the 80’s. In colors ranging from deep orange to pink sand, there are many creative applications that will add charm to your space.

Whether it’s going all-in with terracotta tiling or simply adding pots, lamps, or other accents to your space, this material is a great way to incorporate old-world whimsy.

Rattan. Hearty palm wood that is both rustic and warm, rattan can be effortlessly elegant. Its woody texture pairs well with slicker materials, such as marble or metal.

Metals. To contrast the soft, natural materials and colors of a room, metals of all kinds are being used to make a statement. While copper, gold, and unlacquered brass have been popular for a while, this year aluminum and stainless steel will step into the spotlight. To add shine and a futuristic feel to the room, play with metals.

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Zellige tiles. This type of glazed tile is traditionally handcrafted in Morocco. They come in various colors and shapes, with each tile unique to one another. If you’re looking to add an artisanal character to a room, Zellige tiles will do the job. Their lived-in look will not only make a space look stunning but feel homey as well.

Zellige tiles

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Incorporating “smart” devices . . . smarter

Kitchen tech

Technology helps every facet of life evolve, including how we function in our homes. From better security systems to voice-guided assistants in every room, there are countless ways to incorporate technology into your home.

However, one downside to the high velocity of innovation: Something that’s high-tech today could be outdated tomorrow. It’s important to be intentional about the tech upgrades you choose to make in your home.

Pro Tip

Before jumping for the latest home gadget, consider how much a tech upgrade would actually improve your experience and how likely you are to take advantage of it.


High tech lighting. One area that has proven to be worthwhile for tech upgrades is lighting. Being able to control the brightness and temperature of a room from a phone or tablet has made the limitations of low natural light a thing of the past.

Sleek kitchen augmentation. Tech has been a huge help in making the cooking process faster and easier (what did we do before air fryers?) and in 2024, we’ll see these helpful tech upgrades be added in a much sleeker way.

Declutter tech from your kitchen with outlets hidden in drawers and cabinets, and countertop appliances conveniently tucked away into appliance garages.

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Make your space perfect for YOU

Making space perfect for you

All trends for 2024 are aimed at creating an environment that helps you thrive: with colors that make you feel good, comfortable pieces of furniture that will last, and dynamic materials and styles that will help you express yourself and feel joy from your space.

There are a few additional trends people are following to cultivate their perfect home:

Personalized eclecticism. This style allows you to combine multiple design disciplines into a look that truly demonstrates who you are. Adding personal touches and handmade goods is a great way to ensure that your space is one of a kind.

Customized secondary spaces. Whether it’s a home office tailored to your needs, or a built-in closet designed just for you, customizing even the smaller spaces in your home can uplevel your everyday experience completely.

We'll help you design your dream home

As a design-build firm in Seattle, Innovative Home Renovations will partner with you to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team will combine your preferences, the latest styles, and superior craftsmanship to create a space you’ll love. Contact us today to start planning your home remodel.

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