Mar. 8 2021

Top Ten Design Features for your next Kitchen Remodel

by Bennett Bottorff

When starting your kitchen remodel, there are a lot of design decisions to make. What does your cabinet storage look like? Do you want a single or a double bowl sink? With all these choices, we have put together our list of top ten features to consider for your next kitchen remodel.

Beverage Cooler

Who doesn’t like a nice cold drink? However, keeping your soda cans and sparkling waters in the fridge takes up valuable space that could be used for food. That’s why a beverage cooler is a great feature for kitchens. They are discrete and give you additional food space to your kitchen.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel By IHR

Sub-Zero Fridge

If there is one thing most people know about sub-zero fridges, is that they come with a hefty price tag. These fridges may cost a bit more than most, but their benefits are quite the perk, especially with your kitchen remodel. Sub-zero fridges have a longer life than standard fridges and have quite the impact in re-sale value, thanks to its superior brand recognition. They also come in a variety of sizes and can be integrated into cabinetry, allowing a cleaner design look.

Induction Cooktop

If you haven’t heard of induction cooktops, you are missing out on a serious advancement to your kitchen! Induction cooktops have become popular in recent years due to their ability to heat up foods quickly and at an even temperature. Aside from their superior functionality, their sleek and slim profile make these a design feature for any kitchen space. If you’re curious to learn more about induction cooktops or the other types of cooktops, check out our other post, how to determine the best cooktop option for your next kitchen remodel.

Steam Oven

With all of the types of cooking appliances that a kitchen can have, a steam oven is a great option. Steam ovens use hot steam rather than hot air that is typical in most ovens. You can cook anything in these types of ovens and it is a healthier option than traditional ovens since they don’t require extra oils when cooking. They’re also great at retaining moisture and don’t allow things to dry out, such as turkeys on Thanksgiving day.   

Pot Filler

A pot filler may seem like a luxury add, but it is a rather convenient feature in any kitchen. Typically mounted to the wall behind your range, they negate the need to carry a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove. Having this feature is also a perk when there are multiple chefs in the kitchen, as one person can be filling up the pot while the other is washing veggies.

Hidden Trash/Recycling

Until they have come out with stylish waste receptacles, this functional item should be hidden out of sight! Having a built-in drawer cabinet for your waste is a great functional and stylish addition to your kitchen. Not only is it more convenient to have this closer to your prep area, but it also helps to hide some odors that can arise from an open-aired waste bin.

Pull-Out Pantry

Storage space in the kitchen is one of the top desires, especially when it comes to food storage. A pantry is something to include in any kitchen. Take this up a notch by having a built-in pantry within your cabinetry. It is a high-end look that pulls everything together and gives you a more finished kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Ample lighting is essential in any room, but none other than the kitchen. With all of the meal prepping, chopping, searing, mixing, measuring, etc, you want decent lighting to properly get the job done. Under cabinet lighting is a great addition to add to your kitchen. Even when they are not being used for a task, they make great mood lighting.

Under cabinet lighting in kitchen remodel

Hands Free Faucet

Kitchens are notoriously known as messy places. A hands free faucet is one way to reduce the mess! These faucets respond to touch, so when your hands are full of flour, fruit juice, or whatever else, you can simply tap to turn on with your wrist, keeping the faucet clean while you wash your hands.

Large Island

Who doesn’t dream of having an island. While sandy beaches and sunny days are nice, we mean for your kitchen. An island provides lots of flexibility for whatever your needs are in the kitchen. From having a space for your kids to do homework, to having additional counter space for prep work, a large island is a MUST.

For more design tips for your next kitchen remodel, be sure to follow Innovative Home Renovations for more!


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