Mar. 9 2023

The 5 Questions You Must Ask When Selecting Your Perfect Remodeler

by Bennett Bottorff

From timelines to budgets, remodeling your home can feel like an uphill battle. At Innovative Home Renovations, we understand that completing a renovation can be, at times, stressful, confusing, and frustrating, which is why we've crafted up five must-ask questions when selecting your perfect remodeler, so you get exactly what (and who) you need! 

1. Have you done a project comparable to mine? What were the biggest challenges?


It's true that no two projects are the same, but many homes in Northeast Seattle are very similar to each other. We have often walked into a home after completing a kitchen remodel in a house with the same layout. That is the benefit we have by only focusing on projects that consist of at least a kitchen and/or a bathroom in Northeast Seattle. Odds are, we are very familiar with the odd challenges of your home and know how to properly address them, so they don't cause an issue during the build stage of your remodeling project. This question is essential when selecting a company to partner with to complete your remodeling project. It's perfectly fine to put them on the spot with tough questions. That lets you know whether these experts have what it takes to make your dream a reality. 

2. What are the steps that make up your remodeling process? 


Every remodeling company you meet with should be able to share with you the steps that make up their remodeling process. The top-tier professional remodeling companies will be able to verbalize their approach and provide a visual presentation detailing each step as they walk you through it. If their process is unclear or they have difficulty communicating it, this is a red flag, and it's time to walk away.  

At IHR, we created the IHR Renovation Roadmap. This easy-to-follow, step-by-step, repeatable remodeling process removes the stress of remodeling by eliminating spiraling budgets and out-of-control schedules so that our clients feel empowered, educated, and in control of their projects at all times. The IHR Renovation Roadmap combines successful remodeling industry best practices with proven external project management processes that we built out on the Smartsheet platform. At any given time, our clients can view their roadmap and know exactly what has been completed, the tasks that are currently in progress, and what is happening next.  

3. Do you have a list of past clients I can speak with? 


Every professional remodeling company should have a list of past clients they could share with you, and you should be able to reach them and not just their voicemails. We make this step even easier for our potential clients by providing a list of past clients that includes their actual review and preferred form of contact, whether by phone, text, or email. Next to each client's information is also details on their remodeling project so potential clients can connect with past clients with whom we completed a similar project. If they won't provide references or you can't connect with any past clients, that is a good sign you should look elsewhere.  

Pro Tip

If you're still unsure of which remodeling company to work with, ask to visit an active remodeling project. It will give you great insight as to what to expect during your remodel and show how professional and organized the company is where it matters most. 


4. Is there a warranty for your service or materials? If so, how long does it last? 

IHR-Ballard-Remodel-living-room-fireplace-round-door-frame-WEB-27-1How each remodeling company answers this question will tell you how much they stand behind their work. Think about it this way, a company that only provides a 1-year warranty tells you that the selections and materials installed and the workmanship they provided should only hold up for 1 year. Is that really a company you want to work with to complete a kitchen remodeling that costs over $200,000? Probably not. At IHR, we provide our clients with a 5-year warranty. What we are saying by this is that we are only using quality selections and materials, and we think our workmanship is the best out there.   

5. What is your process for completing a remodeling project on time? 


Not only is it important to understand how each remodeling company starts a project it is also just as important to know how they finish. With IHR, ensuring the project is completed on time starts with creating an accurate Build Schedule and ends with our Substantial Completion Task List. The Build Schedule is generated at the beginning of the Cost Analysis Phase of the IHR Renovation Roadmap. It consists of all the individual tasks required to be completed by either IHR or our trusted trade partners.  

Once the project begins, it is all about our Substantial Complete Task list. Here we identify any aspect of the project that didn't go as planned, from a damaged bathroom vanity cabinet leg to a light fixture not operating properly. We do this to start putting together a plan to fix each issue right away instead of waiting to the very end of the project, which is a common practice. We schedule two meetings to review this task list with our clients. The first meeting occurs two weeks before the project's completion date and includes a walkthrough with the project manager to ensure you know of the remaining tasks we are working on to complete your project on time. The second meeting is scheduled before the final cleaning, the last task in the build schedule. We do this so that if there are any last-minute additions to the list, we can complete them before your home is cleaned and you begin moving back into your newly remodeled spaces.  

No one is perfect, but just because they are not perfect doesn't mean the project can't still be completed on time. If the remodeling company has the right process in place, it should be able to overcome any issues or challenges and keep the project on schedule.  


Pro Tip

Be sure to ask, "how many projects did you complete on time over the last year?" because you can verify the information the remodeling company shared when contacting their past clients.


We’re here to answer any questions you have about your project and how we work.

There’s no such thing as too many questions. At Innovative Home Renovations, we’re completely dedicated to delivering absolutely beautiful results. Choosing a remodeling contractor is a big commitment, and we consider it an honor to work in your home and bring your vision to life.

If you're planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Northeast Seattle area, contact us for a complimentary discovery call!



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