Aug. 4 2023

Navigating Kitchen Refrigerators: Uncovering the Good, Better, and Best Options

by Isabella Borrelli

When you’re going through the process of renovating your kitchen, choosing the right appliances can feel like an impossible task. At Innovative Home Renovations, we know that the heart of any kitchen lies in its refrigerator, where food is preserved and kept fresh for friends and family. With the evolution of appliance technology, the choices can be overwhelming. From basic to high-tech, it’s essential to understand the options available – the good, the better, and the best. In this guide, we will break down the categories and help you make a decision that will align with your wants and needs for your Seattle kitchen remodel!

The Good: Basic Functionality with Modern Conveniences


Good refrigerators typically offer essential features like adjustable temperature settings, basic shelving, and a few compartments for organization. While not always the most energy-efficient, they are usually more budget-friendly upfront. Size options: Available in various sizes and configurations to suit different spaces and needs. These refrigerators are ideal for individuals or households on a budget or those who need a simple refrigerator for basic food storage. 

When it comes to the "good" range of kitchen refrigerators, GE appliances are reliable and get the job done without unnecessary bells and whistles. They provide essential features while incorporating some modern technology to make your daily life more convenient.


  • Adequate storage space and adjustable shelving.
  • Space-saving ice maker
  • Basic temperature controls to keep your food fresh.
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy-efficient models that help you save on utility bills.
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Freezer compartments for frozen food storage.
  • Filtered icemaker.
  • Some models might include an internal water dispenser.

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Moving Up the Ladder: The Better


Better refrigerators come with improved features, such as advanced temperature controls, humidity control in the crisper drawers, and additional shelves or compartments for better organization. These refrigerators tend to be more energy-efficient than the "good" category, potentially saving you money on electricity bills over time. They are often built with more durable materials, better insulation, and stylish designs. These refrigerators may have quieter operation compared to their basic counterparts and are a step up from the basic models. They are suitable for households that desire a bit more convenience and reliability without splurging on high-end options. 

Bosch kitchen refrigerators introduce enhanced features and thoughtful designs. These models cater to those who seek a balance between functionality and a touch of luxury.


  • Advanced temperature control options
  • Innovative features keep your food fresher for longer.
  • LED lighting
  • Cool, stainless steel back wall
  • Improved organization with wide-gallon door bins, glass shelves, and drawers.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and improved insulation.
  • Sleek finishes and modern designs complement your kitchen aesthetic.
  • Quieter operation and better temperature consistency. 

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Pro Tip

Seamless integration: Built-in refrigerators are designed to fit flush with your kitchen cabinetry, creating a seamless and cohesive look. They blend in with the surrounding design and do not protrude from the cabinets like freestanding models. This integration adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen, giving it a high-end and custom appearance.


The Best: Cutting-Edge Design and Ultimate Luxury


The best refrigerators come with all the latest and most advanced features, such as smart technology, touchscreen displays, precise temperature control, water and ice dispensers, and even built-in cameras for checking content remotely. Energy efficiency: The best refrigerators are often highly energy-efficient, which can lead to significant long-term savings on electricity bills. Build quality: They are constructed using premium materials and designed for longevity and reliability. Innovative design: High-end refrigerators are known for their aesthetic appeal, often featuring sleek and modern designs that can enhance your kitchen's overall look. Suitable for: These refrigerators are best suited for those who want the latest technology, convenience, and the highest-quality materials in their kitchen appliances. They are for customers willing to invest more for a top-tier experience. The "best" models showcase the latest in technology, design, and convenience.

Subzero refrigerators are a testament to innovation, offering a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and luxury.


  • Customizable temperature zones for precise storage conditions for various foods.
  • High-capacity storage with adjustable shelving systems and spacious compartments.
  • A filter that cleans the air every 20 minutes to avoid cross-contamination and reduce spoilage.
  • Nanotechnology shelving that prevents spills from spreading too far
  • 4-way vacuum seal to block outside air and keep humidity under control
  • Two years of full warranty coverage, which is above the usual one year for other companies, as well as a five-year sealed system coverage and an industry-leading 12-year compressor warranty.

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Which Refrigerator Should You Choose?

Selecting a kitchen refrigerator is a decision that depends on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Understanding the "good, better, best" spectrum allows you to tailor your choice to your needs, ensuring you find the perfect appliance that not only keeps your food fresh but also enhances your kitchen experience. Whether you opt for the essentials, the upgraded conveniences, or the cutting-edge marvels, remember that the right refrigerator will improve your lifestyle for the better.

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