Feb. 14 2023

How to Incorporate Viva Magenta Into Your Home - Pantone 2023 Color of the Year

by Megan Stoke

Every year Pantone, the global authority on color selection and matching technology used by residential interior designers, painters and artists across the world selects a symbolic hue that stands to capture the zeitgeist and anticipate what’s needed in our world today. This time around, the honor goes to Viva Magenta - an energetic crimson red reflecting intensity as well as equal parts warmness & cool energy. According to Pantone it is meant to be "fierce" and “rich", stating it differs from the 2022 selection in that Viva Magenta answers our “collective need for strength.”  

So, what does this mean for you as a homeowner who are interested in remodeling their home in Northeast Seattle? Viva Magenta is a dynamic crimson red that radiates warmth and has the power to make your guests feel welcomed while maintain a modern aesthetic. Its strong yet not overbearing personality makes it an ideal hue for those wishing to take their interior design choices up a notch, as this vibrant shade can provide the perfect balance between pared-back minimalism and full-on maximalism - two perspectives currently dominating home décor trends. The brand describes the color as: "Assertive but not aggressive," bolder than the Pantone color of the year 2022 Very Peri, but not a color to be fearful of. In fact, like the best pink paint colors, this shade of carmine red presents a perfect balance between warm and cool, making it the ideal accent color for pretty much any color palette. Whether on the walls, via a decorative wallpaper, or simply with accessories we explore the inspiring ways to use Pantone's Color of the Year 2023 in any room in your home. 

Add A New Color to Your Walls 


A fresh coat of paint is an obvious way to instantly perk up any room in the home, especially in a shade as captivating as that of Viva Magenta. For those not afraid to envelop the room in richness there's the option to color drench all walls and trims, while for those who are looking more for a more subtle pop of color can opt for a statement wall. For a subtle yet trendy approach, spice up the interior of open or glass front cabinets with a show-stopping paint effect or incorporate wallpaper featuring subtle abstract or organic pattern with a wash of Viva Magenta.

Transform Your Kitchen & Bathroom with New Tile  

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Refresh your kitchen or bath with surfaces in unexpected shapes, sizes, and textures! Create a statement wall using vibrant colors in the magenta family. Let luxe terrazzo floors add richness to any bathroom design - plus the natural stone fits seamlessly into almost any interior style from contemporary chic to cozy rustic vibes. For an even more elevated look consider quartzite slabs with red garnet to your kitchen for opulence that stands out far beyond mere fashion trends of today. 

Update Furniture with A Splash of Color  


Revive a beloved piece of furniture or even your bathroom vanity with a splash of paint. This transformative hue can bring new life to an item that has become outdated yet is still treasured or needs a refresh. With just one simple brushstroke, you'll be able to experience a playful yet non-traditional twist on the 2023 color of the year.  

Elevate Your Home with A Bold Front Door 

front door Having a trendy Pantone-inspired front door is an easy way to add personality and make your house look stylish. You don't have to go as far as painting the exterior; simply repainting your existing front door with colors that reflect you can be fun and liberating! The fiery red shade of this bold choice will definitely turn heads, but it's just temporary enough for those who want something daring yet not long-term. With primer and paint in tow, you'll soon find yourself at the forefront of design trends without too much effort – perfect for any style enthusiast looking to spruce up their homestead! 

Hang New Artwork 


Adding bold, modern artwork is a great way to add vibrancy and color without changing the style of your decor. Bright white walls make an ideal "blank canvas" for statement pieces that will immediately upgrade any room with up-to-date colors and designs! 

Accent Soft Furnishing  


Transform any living space with a pop of decorative flair by introducing accent colors through simple soft furnishings. For example, enrich your sofa with vibrant scatter cushions or drape an inviting throw across the bed for luxe texture, accessories can be an inexpensive and effective way to create maximum impact. 

Add Depth to A Space with A New Rug 


Spice up your space with a rug in Vivid Magenta! This shade is the perfect way to add some drama and personality without needing an expensive or long-term commitment. Whether it's a full-room piece, colorful runner, or accent layer - rugs offer great versatility for adding depth & pattern to any room. 

Refresh Your Bedroom with Vibrant Tones 


A change of bedding is one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to transform the feel of a bedroom space. Choosing a rich shade of warming red is ideal if you're looking to introduce elements of Viva Magenta in your home. 

Opting for sheets inspired by Pantone's vibrant tone is a great way to enliven a tired-looking bedroom decor in an instant. The beauty of this firey color is that it pairs perfectly with nearly all colors, providing a warm accent to enhance neutrals, grays, greens, and even darker brooding shades of navy blue.  

Want to Learn More?

Whether you're seeking to stay ahead of the trend curve or experiment with a look that's all your own, home design doesn't have to be overwhelming! At Innovative Home Renovations, we believe that something as simple as paint is as important as the remodel itself, given that paint is the one-step surefire way to change the mood or tone of any room. With just a few clever updates and some help from trained professionals at IHR, you can craft an entirely new space that is distinctly yours. For further help deciding what palette to choose for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project, reach out to us and uncover a color scene that makes you fall in love with your home all over again! 

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