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Seattle Wedgewood Fresh Start Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Life becomes a whirlwind when you're raising two kids and striving to maintain an impeccably organized household. Our clients from the Seattle Wedgewood neighborhood found themselves exhausted by their living situation and sought a remodel that caters to their expanding family. The initial phase involved revitalizing the outdated kitchen, infusing it with a fresh, coastal flair that matches the overall aesthetic of their home. 

While keeping the layout relatively unchanged, we strategically repositioned some appliances to alleviate congestion between the entryway and the fridge. To ensure optimal visibility in this communal space, we incorporated an abundance of overhead lights, guaranteeing clarity and a clear vision during frequent experimental cooking and baking sessions. 


Additionally, we embarked on a complete  re-imagination of the built-ins adjacent to the kitchen. Now, they elegantly house the pantry and feature glass display cabinets, perfectly accommodating the clients' glassware and fine China. As for the bay window area, we introduced new built-ins that not only provide delightful seating with a captivating outdoor view but also offer additional storage for backyard toys and games.



We set out to transform the primary bathroom into a serene oasis, providing them with a soothing retreat to unwind in at the end of each day. While maintaining the size of the vanity, we reimagined the toilet area by introducing two floating shelves. The additional floating shelves adjacent to the vanity helps maintain balance and visual harmony on the wall above the toilet.



To create a more indulgent shower experience, our clients opted to forego a tub and focus on a luxurious shower in the new layout. To complete the spa-like experience, everyone’s dream 10" rain shower head is incorporated, providing a truly indulgent bathing experience that surpasses anything the old bathroom could offer. Considering the limited access to natural light, we incorporated LED strips into each corner of the shower, adding a touch of drama and enhancing the overall design of the shower walls. For a touch of sophistication, sleek brushed nickel plumbing fixtures from Hansgrohe have been carefully selected, elevating the overall aesthetic of the room. Adding a delightful touch of whimsy is a sculptural sconce from West Elm, infusing the space with an element of playfulness.


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