Sleek Seattle Sandpoint Bathroom Remodel  

Red can be an intense color to add to a space. Although it can add excitement and energy, it can also be distracting and too just much like the original aggressive red shower tile. But the clients love red.....

Seattle Belltown Bathroom Remodeling Innovation
Seattle Belltown Bathroom IHR Services


To make the clients excited about their Seattle Sandpoint barthoom, we toned down the space to make design space the bold 1959 Ford Mustang Red floating vanity that is striking but doesn’t take away from the other stunning design elements to the bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Seattle WA Belltown Shower
Grey Solid Slab Spa Shower

Instead of a red shower, a soothing grey solid slab and marble tile make this walk-in shower into a spa experience, especially with the new linear drain and high-quality Kohler fixtures from the Pinstripe line, which includes the shower valves being relocated opposite the shower-head. Hence, our clients can operate their shower settings without getting wet.

Seattle Belltown Bathroom Remodel
Remodel Bathroom Storage
Grey Bathroom Countertops Seattle Belltown Bathroom
Polishing chrome fixtures and a grey quartz counter also help to add to the cool feel of this space. Since storage is always a must, a series of open shelved cubbies provide locations for towels and toilet paper without closing off the space.

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