Seattle Ballard Dream Transformation Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel


Homes true to the owner's personality can surprise us in the most mesmerizing ways. Our well-traveled clients from Seattle Ballard sought to push past the drab fittings of their classic Tudor home and bring forward their own unique style. Creating a reimagined primary suite was the main goal, as was redesigning the kitchen into a space that evokes European splendor and craftsman glamour. This radiant home took complete form after we carried the design into the main floor bathroom, living space, and foyer, creating a uniform and dynamic place full of broad arches and bold textures.




We expanded the kitchen footprint to allow more spacious paths between appliances and countertops. A built-in fridge stands alone between archways that adorn the space, demanding to be the center of attention. It is only to be beaten by the quaint oil-rubbed bronze island. Adding this moveable component was essential to increasing the amount of workspace for everyday meal prep. Functional and delicately trimmed overlay cabinets hide the dishwasher and trash from plain sight in a fluid sea of champagne pink. 




The bare yet bold style helps create an honest feel where lasting impressions can be made. By far the most stunning design element is the use of textured and dynamic solid surfaces, with Fior Di Pesco marble taking the lead for the most stunning backsplash of 2021. White Idris ceramic tiles frame the copper hood vent beautifully and allow the warm metal frame to brighten the space. A traditional brass double-handle sink faucet and gas stove defy impressions of tradition with soft lines and simplicity. 


Opening the kitchen to the dining room created a nice transition between sophistication and comfort. This room immediately makes the neighboring spaces feel more breathable, as large lead-paned windows draw in copious amounts of glowing daylight, and white walls reflect the beams bouncing from surface to surface. Seen throughout the main level, the arch symbolizes strength and support as much as it does lightness and openness. Even the living room is firmly grounded with both robust furniture and delicate decor, speaking to how the clients carried their personal taste for restrained maximalism out in the design.


Choosing light fixtures that hug close to the ceiling draws the user's eye up and allows appreciation for the tall ceilings. This is echoed by the curtain rods hanging high above the windows and the fireplace set taller than the children can stand. Blending seamlessly with the refinished oak floors, the fireplace hearth is set with red craftsman slim brick tile that invites you to enjoy a warm and tranquil evening in this cozy conversation space. Many surfaces contrast between smooth or rough textures, ornamental or plain details, and robust or minimalistic forms. Juxtaposition is fun and playful, and we embraced that next with the Guest bathroom. 



We fully gutted this bathroom and part of the neighboring bedroom to expand the footprint, and add an integrated tub with a larger vanity. A spacious shower ledge gives plenty of storage for shower products and leaves the walls uninterrupted by niche openings. Their two children now have a bathroom that can fit their changing needs as they grow with the home. 


A marriage of various design aesthetics, this room is inspired by a harmony of transitional and contemporary selections. Take the Antique Terracotta hex tiles that contrast with the glossy Zellij cement tiles in Peridot Blue. These create surfaces that feel rustic yet brilliant, like jewels and gemstones. Burnished brass was selected for plumbing fixtures to show how surfaces can be weathered and still shine, brightening the space. Grey marble countertops cascade across the distressed free-standing vanity, and the tailored backsplash creates depth by adding a unique twist to vanity dressings. 


Lacking a sense of easement and efficient use of space, the primary loft needed revamping. A creative plan was devised to hide spacious built-in drawers behind an impressive doorway to the bedroom, allowing light to come in through large a-frame glass panes. On the other side sit open shelf bookcases and base cabinet storage to house linens, hygiene products, and bath care. The open-concept bathroom provides a soothing space where you can unwind and allows two people to use the room simultaneously without disturbing the other. 

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A sensational array of honed marble, copper, and smoked oak adorn the surfaces of the primary suite, creating a rustic yet earthy ambiance.  Black-framed doors with water glass hide the toilet and standing shower, nested adjacent to the his-and-her double vanity for maximum privacy. This gives attention to the grand oval mirrors that make the space feel even larger and opaque globe sconces that give off a soft ambient light.


To help the navy cabinets feel less mainstream, we adorned them with regal brass fixtures that add a subtle metallic shimmer. The threadlike posts on the candlestick chandelier above the bed will help the space feel timeless. Without a doubt, this curated home is one we will remember for a long time. 


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